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[Adult Time] Perspective – Episode 3. Angela White and Abigail Mac comfort each other


At the edge of an empty parking lot early in the morning, a man opens his trunk to reveal a collection of blackmarket weapons. Daniel (Seth Gamble) looks over each of them before pointing to a semi automatic pistol. ‘That one,’ he says. The poor husband seems dazed and beyond despair, as he hands over his money without any emotion.He walks down the street with the phone in his hand and a dead look in his eye. When he comes to the place, he stops. This must be his fucking house. He walks up. The door is unlocked. He steps inside and slowly walks to the living room. He looks around. He sits down and waits. After a moment, the stranger his wife has been having an affair with walks into the room. 

Date: September 13, 2021

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