PureTaboo—Preferential Treatment


Sandra (Eliza Ibarra) and Tina (Maya Kendrick) are two teenage girls who just can’t get along. Whenever they’re at school, they’re always at each other’s throat, bickering all of the time. It finally gets so bad that their teacher, Mrs. Morgan (Liz Revamped) has to step in.

As Mrs. Morgan sits them both down to talk, they each start to explain their side of the story. However, things suddenly take a sharp turn when Sandra claims that Tina picks on her just because she’s a lesbian. Tina is shocked, arguing that it’s absolutely not the case, but it’s clear that Mrs. Morgan, who is also a lesbian, is already on Sandra’s side.

As the only straight girl in the room, it doesn’t look good for Tina. She has to come up with something — FAST — if she’s going to get herself out of this mess. Since she knows Mrs. Morgan is ONLY taking Sandra’s side because she’s a lesbian, Tina lies and claims that the only reason why she was picking on Sandra was because she’s confused about her OWN sexuality. In fact, Tina starts to get a bit flirty, wanting her dear teacher to explore her sexuality with her to help put her troubled mind at ease.

Sandra sees straight through Tina’s ploy but when she tries to protest, Mrs. Morgan shushes them both. It seems BOTH of the students have convincing arguments… but as Mrs. Morgan looks both of the cute girls over, it’s clear that the girls will have to do even MORE to win over Mrs. Morgan once and for all

Date: October 17, 2021

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