EYAN-029 Ayumi Shinoda, A Married Woman Who Is Addicted To A Shrimp Warp Massage


Product release date: 2015/08/13
Duration: 117 minutes
Performer: Ayumi Shinoda
directed by: Crest ℃
series: Married woman addicted to d shrimp warp massage
Manufacturer: E-BODY
label: Flower-filled wives
Genre: Married Woman, Housewife, Nasty, Hard, Big Breasts, Massage, Refre, Squirting, Solowork, Exclusive Distribution, HDTV,
Part number: eyan00029

Description : It’s been 10 years since I got married … Ayumi calls a women’s oil massage shop because of the loneliness of her married life. However, there is a virtue shop that uses illegal oil to a woman, and she gets into the pleasures of aphrodisiac esthetics. “I can’t forget that pleasure … I can’t stand my body anymore.” A beautiful wife who is d while her husband is away and is vaginal cum shot.

Date: October 20, 2021
Actors: Ayumi Shinoda

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