[Uncensored Leaks] STARS-094 Iori Kogawa Alone At Work With My Female Boss


Delivery start date: 2019/07/11
Product release date: 2019/07/11
Duration: 132 minutes
Performer: Iori Furukawa
directed by: giraffe
series: Alone with a female boss who longs for a guerrilla rainstorm night at the company …
Manufacturer: SOD Create
label: SOD star
Genre: High-definition, female boss, drama, OL, single piece,Uncensored Leaks,
Part number: 1stars00094


Shinichi is working overtime when he is trapped in the office by a sudden guerrilla rainstorm. It was Iori, the female boss, who got soaked and rushed there. The train stopped due to the rain, and I was alone with my longing senior. It seems that my seniors also had the same reason thread broke, and I greedily SEXed until morning while being covered with rain and sweat.

Date: October 22, 2021
Actors: Iori Furukawa

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