NNPJ-318 Mayu (19 Years Old) Is A Runaway Daughter


Product release date: 2019/01/25
Duration: 150 minutes
Performer: —-
directed by: —-
series: Nampa JAPAN EXPRESS
Manufacturer: Nampa JAPAN
label: Nampa JAPAN
Genre: HD, Exclusive, wrecked out in Pretty, amateur, Slender,Teen,
Part number: nnpj00318

Review : Longing for the city, ● I thought I would go to Tokyo after graduating from school, but my parents objected and gave up … I got a job locally. 19 years old who wants to be an entertainer in the city. After watching the video of the city on TV, I got a fever to go to the city, so I left home without telling my parents. There is no place to stay, and I don’t know how many days I will stay, and I’m holding on to 10,000 yen in cash. In such a situation, I was picked up where I was wandering around … I didn’t have any money, and he let me eat rice, so I went to the pick-up teacher’s house in the form of being washed away.

Date: October 23, 2021
Actors: Unknown

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