[EngSub] ADN-148 An Illicit Top Down Relationship Saeko Matsushita


Product release date: 2017/12/19
Duration: 118 minutes
Performer: Saeko Matsushita
directed by: Sadaoka Sadao
series: Unfaithful hierarchy
Manufacturer: Attackers
label: Adult drama
Genre: Drama, OL, Married Woman, Housewife, Big Breasts, Solowork, Exclusive Distribution, HDTV,English Subtitle,
Part number: adn00148

REVIEW: Mizuki is chased by a strategic meeting at a cosmetics manufacturer that has reached the end of the year-end sales season. Every day I pass by my double-income husband due to hard work every day. Okada, the director of the department, showed a pretense to worry about such Mizuki, but this unrelenting subordinate was dear and unbearable.

Date: October 25, 2021

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