REBD-595 Miharu4 Everlasting Paradise Misaru Hanasaki


Duration: 72 minutes
Performer: Miharu Usa
directed by: Takuya Takahashi
series: Miharu
Manufacturer: REbecca
label: REbecca
Genre: Image video, single piece, HDTV, sexy, Idol,
Part number: rebd00595

The lead role of this work is Miharu Usa! !! A lovely baby-faced, soft F-cup beauty busty miracle idol Miharu! !! This time, I took a short trip location shoot at a resort studio at the southern end of Chiba prefecture! !! The best climate for Miharu, who is vulnerable to heat, and the condition is excellent, and a refreshing and super cute smile is a great harvest! !! It is rumored that swimming is done once a year, and the swimming appearance in the extremely rare pool that can only be seen in REbecca’s shooting is also recorded perfectly. And Minami Hatsukawa will appear as a friendship, and Hattsu, who is a good friend, will be an interviewer and ask questions about this work and the recent situation! !! Here is an eternal paradise where you can see the perfect loveliness, the body, and Miharu’s gentle smile! !!

Date: October 27, 2021
Actors: Miharu Usa

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