REBD-596 The White Dancing Princess Of The Ryukyus – Aika Yamagishi


Duration: 101 minutes
Performer: Aika Yamagishi
directed by: River
series: Aika (Aika Yamagishi)
Manufacturer: REbecca
label: REbecca
Genre: Image video, single piece, HDTV, sexy,Teen,Beautiful Girls,

The lead role of this work is Aipan and Aika Yamagishi! !! It’s a slender beauty with white skin and beautiful breasts that looks great with the word beauty, with long, glossy hair. !! The Okinawa location is set as a shooting location suitable for a beautiful beauty, and a different approach from the previous work Amami Oshima is taken! !! Aika-chan, who loves Okinawa and sometimes comes in private, shows a relaxed and lovely appearance with a good mood. There is no doubt that you will be able to experience a special feeling away from everyday life, as if you were traveling with her, full of natural expressions. In a long interview unique to location shooting with plenty of shooting time, she approaches the latest Aipan situation, what is the routine she does in the morning! ?? A white princess dances lightly in a vivid figure in Okinawa, a mysterious land that makes you feel the time of eternity! !!

Date: October 28, 2021
Actors: Aika Yamagishi

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