PornWorld—Sexy Housekeeper Martina Smeraldi Takes DP Initiation During Swingers Party GP2087—Veronica Leal,Martina Smeraldi


Vince Karter and his wife Veronica Leal have just hired Martina Smeraldi, a new sexy housekeep from Italy, and theyre about to have their weekly swingers party with a few of their friends. When their friends Kristof and David arrive Martina heads into the kitchen to make the group some drinks. After a little bit of chitchat and flirting between the friends, Vince and David head into the kitchen to subtly invite Martina to the party. Meanwhile, Vinces wife Veronika and his friend Kristof start fucking in the living room. Later on, after Vince and David have successfully seduced Martina, they join Kristof and Veronica in the living room for a hardcore orgy.

Date: October 31, 2021

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