DLDSS-035 An Obedience “Mistress” Contract With A Boyfriend – Suzume Mino


Delivery start date: 2021/11/25
Product release date: 2021/11/25
Duration: 122 minutes
Performer: Suzume Mino
directed by: Kei Isoi
series: —-
Manufacturer: DAHLIA
label: DAHLIA
Genre: Older Sister,Big Tits,Featured Actress,Cheating Wife,Masochist Man,Hi-Def,
Product number: 1dldss00035

Sudden farewell cut out from her beloved girlfriend. “I don’t like it! I definitely don’t want to break up! If so, [mistress] is fine!” When I desperately asked, “Then show me masturbation right now.” As you say, when you launch it, you are forced to see sex with “new boyfriend” next time. An erection while being jealous of her nasty girlfriend who sees it for the first time. It is supposed to be a mistress contract, but it is trained to an obedient male dog …

Date: November 26, 2021
Actors: Suzume Mino

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