ABW-171 The female manager is our sexual processing pet – Minoshima


Cast: Meguri Minoshima
Manufacturer: Prestige
Duration: 195min
Product number: ABW-171
Delivery start date: 2021/11/25
Product release date: 2021/12/03
series: The female manager is our sexual processing pet.
Genre:Cosplay, Facials, Breasts, orgy, gym clothes, gym shorts, Blowjob,

Prestige exclusive actress “Mino “Meguri Shima” is the manager of the badminton club! At the end of the morning training, carefully clean the cheeks and anal of the members who sweated a lot with their mouths ♪ Take Tokuno sperm on your face and check everyone’s physical condition perfectly! Secret sex in the club room and behind the school building to take a break from daily hard practice … ♪ Monthly event to raise the morale of the team ・ At the big orgy party of all the members, the team accepts Ji Po one after another As a whole, it rolls up and rolls up! The female manager “Meguri Minoshima”, who handles everything from practice support to sexual processing, leads the members to a higher level! !!

Date: November 27, 2021

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