[EngSub] JUX-454 A Festival Of Night Crawling Married Women-Maya Kawamura


Delivery start date: 2014/11/01
Product release date: 2014/11/07
Duration: 119 minutes
Performer: Maya Kawamura
directed by: Raizo
series: Married Woman Night ● Festival
Manufacturer: Madonna
label: Madonna
Genre: Embarrassment,Shame,Married Woman,KIMONO,Featured Actress,Cheating Wife,Digital Mosaic,Hi-Def,EngSub,
Product number: jux00454

Maya, a wife who is in a good mood on a trip after a long absence with her husband who can not spend time together because of work. However, from now on, my husband will get early. Maya, who lit her body with expectation, had no choice but to soak in the hot springs alone. That night, a big shadow behind the shoji gently entered the room without making a noise. As it is, when she straddles Maya, she whispers, “This is a festival that is handed down to the village,” and overruns Maya’s body with a caress like a wild beast that her husband does not have.

Date: December 1, 2021
Actors: Maya Kawamura

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