PRED-362 My Wife And I Are Bored Of Each Other So Tempted By Karen (Step Sister)


Forbidden secret meeting with my sister-in-law Karen while my wife is away on a solo trip. As the couple’s relationship cooled, I couldn’t stand her temptation. Two people who are invited by sweet words, “Anyway, my sister is also having an affair,” and they meet closely. The more I think it’s useless, the more reason is blown away. I devoured my sister-in-law’s body that is too erotic, and vaginal cum shot over and over again in the morning, day, night and next morning. The best moment to keep seeking each other. I want to stay connected. It was so comfortable that my head melted with a sense of immorality and euphoria.

Date: December 18, 2021
Actors: Karen Yuzuriha

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